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CKD PNEUMATIC – Solenoid Valve, Cylinder



  • CKD Solenoid Valve
  • CKD Cylinder
  • CKD Rotary Actuator
  • CKD Modular Unit
  • CKD Hand Gripper
  • CKD Chuck
  • CKD Shock Absorber
  • CKD Reed Switch
  • CKD Filter Regulator
  • CKD Flow Control Valve
  • CKD Vacuum Component
  • CKD Sensor
  • CKD Cylinder Valve
  • ckd valve
  • ckd pneumatic


alat-teknik-nitto-kohkiNitto Kohki’ s products fulfill vital roles in fields ranging from applications in the construction industry and the automotive industry, to high-tech engineering. We will continue to capitalize on these favorable trends and precisely meet market needs in a timely manner

  • General Purpose Couplings for Hydraulic
  • General Purpose couplings for pneumatic

Couplings by Application of Die Casting

Coupling for Leak Testing

Coupling for Injection Molding

Coupling for Refrigeration

Coupling for Semiconductor

Hydaulic coupler

Nitto Kohki produces several high quality industry proven general purpose quick disconnect couplers. These couplers are perfect for low or high pressure fluid applications.

Nitto Kohki has a broad range of pneumatic quick disconnect couplers. The couplers are available in brass, steel or stainless steel. A few of the most popular items are listed below. Please browse the catalog from page 17 ~ 58 for a full view of our product line.

Die Casting Couplers

Nitto Kohki produces several quick disconnect couplers that have been extremely successful in die casting operations. The success of Nitto Kohki couplers are due to long working life and consistent performance under harsh die cast conditions.

Leak Testing Couplers

Nitto Kohki designs and manufactures a large variety of specialty couplers for leak test applications. Leak testing ranges from hot engine, transmission, and power train to power steering and radiator systems. Contact us to see how Nitto Kohki can help you with your leak test processses.

Injection Molding Couplers

Nitto Kohki understands the value of reducing cycle times and continues to research and develop couplers that maximize coolant flow rates to your molding dies.

Refrigeration Couplers

Nitto Kohki designs several products specifically for refrigeration applications. These couplers are great for holding negative pressure of vacuum in leak testing or refrigerant charging/ filling processes. All products are available with H-NBR ( Hydrogenated Rubber) packing and O-rings, which are commonly used with R134A, R410A and other refrigerant gasses.

Semiconductor Couplers

Nitto Kohki’ s clean room assembly facilities and superior designs allow us to offer a wide range of specialty semiconductor quick disconnects for your high purity systems. Using Nitto Kohki couplers helps keep impurities out of your products


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